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Our Can-Am X3 LED Headlight Kit will help you push the limits with high-performance, race-ready LED lighting. These energy-efficient bulbs will upgrade your lights with only a minimal increase in power use. This kit includes everything you need to plug and play with fuss-free installation on factory-equipped mounts. 

 This LED lighting setup can cut through the darkness, fog and dust so you can pull away from the pack with improved visibility. The S1 spotlights penetrate through darkness to help you see thousands of feet ahead of you as you approach high speeds. The S1 wide cornering lenses light up the peripheral zone of your vehicle so you can take corners with agility and keep your lead on the competition. 

 Baja Designs has led the way on professional-grade LED off-road lights that also work for nighttime and bad weather driving. Our bulbs are designed for easy DIY servicing and consistently test for nearly 50,000 hours of operating time without losing quality. With over 30 years of experience, our Scientists of Lighting craft durable, bold lights for trucks, cars, and ATVs that will help set you apart from the rest. 

PLEASE NOTE ONLY IF YOU ARE BUYING THE LASER/LED MODEL: this is a laser-equipped kit. What this translates to is giving the end-user an extreme amount of distance. While the lumens are lower, the distance achieved is over 300% farther than the most effective distance LEDs on the market today. With the LED S1 and Laser S1 we're able to create a smooth blend of both distance and near field lighting. 

Baja Designs Headlight Kit Can Am X3

SKU: 447074
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