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The Polaris XPT “Dynomite” turbo kit is a complete power upgrade for your Polaris XP Turbo which features the EVP “Dynomite” turbocharger.  This kit is designed to safely maximize the power output of a stock XP Turbo engine. For maximum flexibility, we tuned the kit on 91 Octane, 110 Octane and E85. Switching between tunes does not require ANY hardware changes or wastegate adjustments.  Changing tunes is simply siphon the old fuel out, put the desired fuel in the tank and reprogram the ECU with our handheld flash tool to match the fuel selection.


  • EVP Dynomite Turbocharger featuring a cast exhaust header, high flow compressor and Wastegate
  • Factory ECU tuned – 25 lbs of boost on 110 octane and E85
  • EVP Fuel pump upgrade kit
  • EVP Silicone turbo to intercooler upper charge tube with clamps
  • EVP Silicone turbo to throttle body charge tube with clamps
  • Genuine Bosch direct replacement injector set
  • EVP V-flow intake
  • EVP billet vent to atmosphere bov kit
  • EVP Head Stud kit
  • Maptuner X ECU Flash device with live datalogging, monitoring and read/reset codes.  Includes 91, 110 and E85 tunes
  • 260 HP with 110 octane fuel and 270 HP E85


Up to 270 HP!

Fits 2017-2021 Non-EVAP and 2019-2021 EVAP Models

The Evolution Powersports “Dynomite” turbocharger is a complete direct replacement turbo which incorporates a new high efficiency cast header/exhaust housing built specifically for the 925CC Polaris Prostar engine. Our new turbo features a divorced flow exhaust housing to help maximize flow as it exits the turbine. The high flow compressor wheel, compressor cover and OEM like CHRA makes this the ultimate XPT upgrade turbo. The EVP Dynomite turbo system was designed to extract the most power from a stock XP Turbo engine while producing excellent turbo spool characteristics. The Dynomite turbocharger provides instantaneous boost response with an intense amount of top end power that never fades. This upgrade is an excellent option for those who want to maximize the power of a relatively stock engine which utilizes existing EVP upgrade components. We designed the Dynomite turbocharger exhaust outlet mounting flange identical to stock so any exhaust system that worked with the stock turbocharger can be reused with our Dynomite turbo. 

We spent a considerable amount of time refining the Dynomite turbo systems for maximum flexibility with various different octane fuels. NO hardware or wastegate changes are needed when switching between tunes - simply siphon out the old fuel, install the desired fuel into the tank and reprogram the ECU with our flashing tool (clutching adjustments are required to maximize performance on a given fuel).  The 91 Octane tunes deliver more power at less boost pressure than any stock injector, stock turbo tune.  We designed the 91 Octane tunes to be used for trail riding or duning - they are NOT intended for racing. With our 110 octane and E85 tunes, the full potential of this turbo system is unleashed with a jaw dropping 260-270 HP!

Beat your buddies off the line with the new 2-Step Launch Control Upgrade! 

An EVP exclusive! 

Launch control allows the engine to build boost at a standstill without engaging the belt. This EVP exclusive ECU programming holds the engine at a preset RPM when the brake is fully depressed and the accelerator pedal is pushed to the floor (vehicle not moving). Once engaged, we’ve engineered the ECU logic to retard the ignition timing while adding fuel which gives the exhaust energy it needs to spool the turbo and build massive boost at low RPMs. Once the brake pedal is released, the ECU programming reverts to normal, allowing the vehicle to accelerate like it’s been shot out of a cannon! Experience much quicker acceleration, reducing 0-60 times by up to .4 of a second. 

EVP launch control is 100% integrated into the OEM ECU code and does not require any wiring or “piggyback” spark interrupter modules. A clutch engagement RPM, which corresponds to the various launch RPM programs, is all that is needed for proper operation. Our EVP Shift-Tek Clutch Kits or Custom STM setups are the perfect solution to achieve the required engagement (sold separately).

Our launch control integrating into the factory ECU is another example of how committed EVP is to developing innovative and industry leading products and tuning solutions for riders. We continue to push the performance envelope and provide products that dominate in the sand, dirt and racetrack. 

RPM programming range without the Dynomite Turbo is 2100, 2300 or 2500.  With the Dynomite Turbo, the RPM programming range is 2600 or 2800.

Note: Big Turbos, higher elevations and hot, humid temperatures will reduce the boost you can make at a given RPM. Only available for EVP tunes and is not compatible with any other tuning company ECU flashes.


SKU: 600FP0017
  • If you have any questions about fitment or this product please feel free to contact us.

    You can Text or Call 661-903-9207 any time. If it is outside of our normal business hours (M-F, 9am-5pm) please Text us and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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